Oh, Hi There... my name's Tom


It all started when...

I bought my first D-SLR camera for a family holiday to Canada back in 2007. From that moment I was hooked. As soon as I got home from holiday I enrolled on to a 2 year college course studying a BTEC National Diploma in Photography. Shortly after completing the course I landed a job as a Writer for Digital Photo Magazine, teaching people how to take better photos with their camera and how to edit them using Photoshop, before ending up in the role of Technical Editor in charge of reviewing all of the latest camera-related gear (a tech nerd's dream!). After almost 4 years on the magazine I decided that I'd had enough of writing about photography and instead I wanted to head out on my own and start taking more photos. That was 5 years ago now and I've never looked back!

why weddings?

I'm a real people person. I love meeting and getting to know new people, so this job is pretty much ideal for me. I get to hang out with a bunch of happy people on a day that's filled with laughter, emotion, booze and dancing. Not only that but I get to combine it with my love of photography. I really do consider myself incredibly lucky!

my approach

Someone once described me as 'so laid back he's horizontal'. I can't really argue with that. I rarely get flustered and always try to find the positive in even the worst situations, which I've found keeps my couples at ease on a day where they may be understandably nervous. Getting up and in your face all day is not my thing - I prefer to take a step back and give you some breathing room so that you can just relax and enjoy the day without constantly feeling like someone is breathing down your neck. This means that I can capture moments uninterrupted for truly authentic results that you can treasure for years to come.  No 'look over here' or 'smile at the camera' - just you guys being you.




So who's this guy?

Paul is my second-in-command. Imagine him as Robin if I was Batman. Aside from his crime-fighting abilities, he's also a kick ass photographer, videographer and editor. I've been friends with Paul for over 7 years now, so when the opportunity came along for him to join the team, it was a no-brainer.

If you decide to book both a photo and video package, or a second shooter, then it'll likely be Paul who joins me on the day, so you'll be in really good hands. He also edits a large amount of our videos, so he may be in touch with you  post-wedding to confirm your song choices and hand over your final edit.