Stuart & Louise's Sunny Barn wedding - Bassmead Manor Barns, Cambridgeshire (Photo)

[TOM] - Being chosen by a couple to shoot their wedding is a huge honour, but when you’ve been asked by two close friends who you’ve known since secondary school, it really is a big deal (no pressure then!?). Add to this the fact that Stuart is well known for inciting mayhem within a moments notice, I was aware I had to be prepared for anything!

Luckily for me, the honour of covering Stuart’s morning preparation fell to Paul, whilst I joined Louise and her girls in the Bridal Suite for a much more chilled-out affair; sipping Prosecco and being pampered. Stuart and his Groomsman on the other hand decided to arrive in style via a stretch Limo with nothing but the best 90’s boyband cheese-pop blaring out, declaring their arrival to Bassmead and the surrounding villages! After a few P-Diddy-esqe poses in front of their chariot, the lads turned their attention to the serious task of pre-ceremony drinks (purely to settle the nerves of course…). As you can see, Stuart was quite easily distracted though, and he practically turns into Derek Zoolander whenever a camera is pointed at him!

Stuart and Louise have a reputation for being the life and soul of the party, which they definitely lived up to on their wedding day. Louise even changed into a second, more comfortable dress for the evening and although the change of wardrobe did allow her to throw some serious shapes on the dance floor, it also had a far more sentimental reason. It was actually Louise Mum’s own wedding gown, who is sadly no longer with us. Louise’s Godmother, Heather, lovingly altered the dress for Louise so that her mum was never far away from her during the day.

I could write for hours and hours about all the antics on Stuart & Louise’s wedding, but rather than me blabbering on, why not just take a look at some of my favourite shots from the day instead? You won’t regret it!

Stuart & Louise chose the following people to help make their wedding happen:


A final word from the happy couple:

"Having you guys capture our special day means so much to us. I can honestly say I didn't even notice you were there, which I think is really important because no one ever felt like they were having to be aware of cameras around. You both dressed really smartly and subtly blended in with the guests. During posed photos you made us feel comfortable by humouring us and not taking a lot of time to get them done, especially seen as it was about 1000 degrees on the day! It was a fantastic pleasure to have you both to capture the magic for us and we’ll be recommending you guys for the rest of time!"

Tom Calton